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Y E S A E T stands for design x purpose, positive impact, luxury, and highlighting craft through modern styles.
Y E S A E T provides the modern woman with a design option that believes the past influences the present, and the future depends on the choices we make today. 


By fitting and correcting patterns in Brooklyn, Queens and New York City, producing in local family owned studios, and promoting sustainable textiles, we chose to reduce carbon emissions and support small local businesses.

By chosing Made to Order, we reduce waste and chose sustainable practices.

Yesaet Studio


By chosing handloomed and handprinted fabrics, we preserve ancient traditional art, empower farmers, villagers, spinners, weavers and artisans in Africa to earn fair wages and send their kids to school. We work to break the cycle of poverty in Africa whilst highlighting the beauty and art of ancient African craft.

By chosing natural fibers, we strengthen our commitment towards sustainability and Mother Earth.




By chosing Fair trade partners and women owned businesses, we chose to work toward balancing the scales.







By chosing to re-imagine, we strive to re-use, reduce waste, reduce over production and upcycle towards a healthier world.


                                      Makeda re-imagined cashmere


By chosing Yesaet, you are chosing to make a positive impact by shopping small, chosing sustainability, chosing to empower artisans and support the local economy.

This is slow fashion, with respect for craft and the environment.

With every sustainable commitment we make, we take a step in the right direction.

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