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Made in NYC

By fitting and correcting patterns in New York City, producing in local family owned studios, and promoting sustainable textiles, we chose to reduce our carbon footprint, strive towards a better work life balance and support small local businesses.

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Design x Purpose

Our Values

Our VALUES encompass merging design and purpose, offering sustainable, modern, timeless clothing for the busy modern woman while supporting artisans in Africa and local industry in New York City.

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Our Vision

Our VISION is to offer a modern luxury sustainable brand with a unique story that celebrates artisans and local production, enabling the wearer to develop their own intimacy and creativity with it, whilst choosing a sustainable and healthier option for themselves and our planet.

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Our Inspiration

Our INSPIRATION is you - resilient, shining in your feminine zeal, energized by design x purpose, celebrating our common humanity, finding joy in the simple and the sophisticated.

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A Botanical State of Mind


We choose Botanical dyes.

We love the sustainable factor as well as the unique 1/1 color and pattern they create.

We are thrilled to continue our journey with hand dyed botanicals and excited to offer you an array of gorgeous one of a kind effects and colors.

RE-Imagined in NYC.

Learn about our collaboration with Local women owned businesses, and the process here.


'Luxury is about the beauty of the handmade, slowing down to work with Artisans and supporting local businesses '

Hiywet Girma

Our Process



Handcrafted and hand dyed luxury textiles


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